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GN3 Co-founder Awarded Alternative Nobel Prize

Nicanor Perlas was among the recipients of The Right Livelihood Award (RLA) announced today in Sweden.  He was recognized for “playing a crucial role in developing the theoretical and practical basis for a world order that benefits all people. The jury honors Perlas for his outstanding efforts in educating civil society about the effects of corporate globalization and how positive alternatives to it can be implemented.”

The RLA is also known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize” and was established in 1980 to honor and support individuals who uphold the principles of right livelihood. “This Award exists to strengthen the positive social forces that its recipients represent and to provide the support and inspiration needed to make them a model for the future.” In the past 20 years, over 100 individuals from 48 countries have received this prestigious recognition. Previous awardees include: Leonardo Boff, Vandana Shiva, Edward Goldsmith, and Herman Daly among others. Mr. Perlas becomes the second Filipino to be given the honor.

Previously, and also in recognition of the national and international impact of his work, Mr. Perlas was awarded the U.N. Environmental Program Global 500 Award for Sustainable Agriculture and The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award.

Among others, the RLA cited the work of Mr. Perlas in developing a “tri-sector approach to policy making which he calls Threefolding. In social Threefolding the three global powers government, representing political concerns, business, representing economic concerns, and civil society representing cultural concerns, can come together where appropriate and feasible to join efforts in solving major world problems. This is the subject of Perlas’ most recent book, Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding,” which has been translated into over 7 languages.

Nicanor Perlas is also the author of the forthcoming book: Spirit or Empire: Societal Revolutions in the 21st Century. He has also authored over 100 articles and monographs on various topics, including globalization, sustainable development, civil society, philosophy of biology and science, biodynamic and sustainable agriculture, environment, and spiritual science.

Nicanor Perlas is President of the Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) in Manila where he guides research, policy work and initiatives on globalization, threefolding, civil society, cultural power and comprehensive sustainable development. He is also Board Member of the Life Bank - a bank involved in poverty eradication and sustainable development, now giving services to over 15,000 poor.

For more information on the award, see the Right Livelihood Award Website. For more information on the award given to Nicanor Perlas, click here.


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