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Yeshayahu Ben Aharon (Harduf, Israel), born 1955.

Studies of biology and philosophy. 1980 founder the intentional Kibbutz community Harduf, which is an independent member in the United Kibbutz Movement (UKM). 1995 doctorate in philosophy from Haifa University. 2000 co-founder of Activists for Isreal Civil Society (ICS), which fosters the heritage and values of universal and progressive Judaism as a foundation for the self-organization of civil society in Israel, and works toward the implementation of social threefolding in the state of Israel and the world. 2000 co-founder of (GN3). Writings and lectures on artistic, scientific, spiritual and contemporary issues in Isreal, the US and Europe.

Author of the books (amongst others) “The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century: An Imagination of the Occult Significance of the 12 Years 1933–4 in the Light of Spiritual Science” (1993), “The New Experience of the Supersensible“ (1995) and „America’s Global Responsibility – Individuation, Initiation, and Threefolding” (2004).

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Henriette Dekkers-Appel (Bilthoven, The Neatherlands)

studies of law and clinical psychology. Work as lawyer in global enterprize on international taxation systems. Work as psychologist in the prison systems. Studies on the cultural influence on mental health, lately on the influence of global management techniques on the fundamental estrangement and destabilization of man as an individual and creative person.

Publications: Borderline disorder (in German, Borderline Erkrankungen, Beck / Langerhorst / Dekkers, 2001 Freies Geistesleben); a publication on social changes in mankind, called "The spirit of the age working through the generations"; a publication on clinical assessment in the light of anthroposophy, the spirit of the age and social movements. Both are published in 1997 in "Psychotherapy and the struggle of humanity to endure", Verlag am Goetheanum, Persephone Band nr. 13. The latter works are in close connection with Ad Dekkers, Psychotherapist.


Ad Dekkers (Bilthoven, The Netherlands)

psychotherapist, specialized in methodological research models. For 35 years working in various psychiatric institutions. Developed psychotherapeutical methods in which the cause of mental illness is not only attributable to the parental education, but more and more contributable to socio-economical influences. In the course of time these influences are globalized and massively reinforced and can no longer be overlooked in psychotherapy. As president of anthroposophical psychotherapists in the Netherlands he contributed to this topic until 1997, after that he gave and still gives postdoc courses together with Henriette Dekkers-Appel in various countries - inside and outside Europe - on the "influence of socio-economic elite globalization on mental health". Today he is coordinator of anthroposophical psychotherapists worldwide in the realm of the Medical Section in Dornach, Switzerland.

Publications relating to the topic: Three articles in the volume "Psychotherapy and humanity's struggle to endure", Verlag am Goetheanum 1997/2000, two of which together with Henriette Dekkers. Non-published articles on the schooling path of the psychotherapist in relation to economic and culturally destabilizing influences.


Michaela Hordijk (Amsterdam The Netherlands) born in 1965. After graduating from the Waldorf School she studied Human Geography of developing countries at the University of Amsterdam (MA-degree with honours). From 1996-2000 she carried out her PhD research in Lima, Peru (PhD Thesis  ‘Of dreams and Deeds: the Role of local Initiatives for Community Environmental Management in Lima, Peru,  Thela Thesis, Amsterdam, 2000). In these years she worked with the Peruvian Local Agenda 21 movement Cities for Life (, click Foro Ciudades para la Vida) and was co-founder of the social initiative Aynimundo ( in the Limenean squatter settlements.

She is nowadays director of the Master’s Programme International Development Studies, a combined initiative of the University of Amsterdam and the Free University ( Her post-doctoral research consists of a comparison between the Peruvian and the Philippine Agenda 21 movement and the functioning of tri-sectoral partnerships. Michaela Hordijk has published extensively on the Peruvian Agenda 21 movement. These articles are available at

Her fields of specialization include; Urban Poverty, Urban Governance, Urban Environmental Management, Agenda 21 movement, Tri-sectoral Partnerships, Participatory Action Research Methodologies.

Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen (København, Denmark) born 1949.

Studies in philosophy and anthropology. Bachelor in culture sociology 1974. Master in Public Administration 1988. Degree from Waldorf Teachers Seminar 1981 (Skanderborg).
Waldorf Class Teacher 1981-88. Engaged at local and regional authorities 1988.

“School development and selforganising” (1988), “Emergency and Safety in Risksociety” (1998), Co-Author of “The Danish Declaration on Sustainable Development” (NGO), Co-Author (Roger Steen) “A Scandinavian approach to create a Safe, Resilient and Sustainable Society” (2001), Co-Author (Lone Dybkjær, Poul Nielson) “Our changing world” (2003).

Board member of European Crisis Management Academy and Society of Risk Assessment.  Main research activity: together with practioners and academics to develop and implement new sustainable concepts for the changing world.
Activist in Danish Association of International Co-operation (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke).


Julia Kramer (Stuttgart, Germany), born in 1976.

Bio-dynamic gardener, and, since 2003, holding an M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the Department of Peace Studies, Bradford, UK. Along her work and studies, she has been involved in NGOs and grassroots movements in Germany, India, and the UK. Currently working at the Press Hut Mutlangen, an NGO in Southern Germany concerned with nuclear weapons and weapons in space, as well as non-violent conflict resolution.

Her M.A. dissertation on the topic “Can facilitating empowerment be a tool for conflict transformation in asymmetric conflicts?” was completed in 2003. She has published several articles on issues like the Indian “Save Narmada Movement”, biotechnology and biological weapons, nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament.


Nicanor Perlas (Metro Manila and Iloilo City, Philippines), born in 1950.

For biographical details see

Areas of Expertise: environmental science, sustainable agriculture technologies and practices, globalization, comprehensive sustainable development theory and practice, social threefolding theory and practice, tri-sector dialogues, social movement theory and practice, second scientific revolution, philosophy of science and biology, human development, social responsibility in corporations, strategic planning.

More than 100 monographs and books as well as over 100 articles on various topics connected with above expertise.

Consultant and resource persons on above areas of expertise.

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Christoph Strawe (Stuttgart, Germany), born 1948.

Studies of philosophy and social sciences. Active in the student movement. Conferral of a doctorate at the Bremen University. Professionally active in the Association of NS Victims and as publishing house editor. 1986 post doctoral lecture qualification at the university of Jyväskylä (Finland.) Originator of the “Initiative Network Threefolding” (1989) and editor of the "Threefold Social Organism Newsletter" (German language). Co-originator of the “Institute for Social Contemporary Questions” (1991) and since then executive chairman of this institute. Since 1991 he is offering training seminars “Individuality and social Responsibility” (together with Udo Herrmannstorfer) in alternating cities of German speaking countries. He is also teaching at the Free University Stuttgart (Waldorf teachers seminar).

Author of the book “Marxism and Anthroposophy” (1986) and of numerous scripts and articles on various aspects of the threefolding of the social organism and the shaping of globalization. Co-Author of proposals for alternatives on several fields of social life, for instance for the financing of the social security systems under the conditions of globalization and for the European constitution process. Married, 3 children.

E-Mail: // Internet: (German language)  // (English language)

Boni Quirog (Bohol, Philippines), born in 1962.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology; masteral degree in Public Administration; and is currently enrolled as a doctoral student at the SAIDI School of Organization Development (or the Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute) with focus on Agenda 21 and Threefolding Initiatives as a sustainable development approach. He also studied philosophy, law, and anthropology.

He coordinates local Agenda 21 and threefolding initiatives in the Province of Bohol, Philippines and works full-time as Secretary to the Legislature of that province. As a writer, he won the Director General’s Prize for Essay on the Environment in Tokyo, Japan in 1998, besting 24,000 entries from 33 countries."



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