Social Initiative - Netherlands. GN3 Nodal Profile

Name of Node: - Social Initiative Netherlands
Social Initiative is the Dutch group that tries to help Threefolding-social-society to emerge. This through direct involvement in daily social questions together with other networks, NGO's, grass group organisations and individuals. Next to that we are doing research, giving workshops, and participating in many Civil Society social events.

Number of members - 3
Social Initiative has 3 Nodal Members , 5 Supporting Members and a few friends. Nodal members are individuals, directly involved with the activity of Social Initiative as a network. Supporting members are those members who totally support our work and engage in the perpetrations of events, and activities. Friends are those who are interested, want to be informed, and come sometimes to meetings.

Geographic information Social Initiative
Social Initiative is a geographic node of GlobeNet3 based in the Netherlands. Members are spread all over the Netherlands

Brief Description of Node
The members and supporting group and friends are individuals, who in their own work found creative ways to work for the social Threefolding approach using various entry points in the Dutch society.

Vision of Social Initiative
Social Initiative will work to organise workshops and events to advance the understanding of social Threefolding for comprehensive sustainable development, and will try to build up a network with other NGO's who will support the Threefolding approach.

The mission of Social Initiative is:

  1. To work at creating a solid base for working together in Social Initiative, in order to achieve its vision and mission.

  2. To link with other individuals, groups, networks and Ngo's dedicated to the advancement of social Threefolding and comprehensive sustainable development.

  3. To create educational situations which encourage enthusiasm in people to understand and implement social Threefolding.

  4. To strengthen through conscious consultation existing efforts - within business, political parties, and civil society groups - for achieving comprehensive sustainable development through social Threefolding.

Goals of Social Initiative
To realize its vision and mission, Social Initiative will work towards the following:

  1. Social Initiative will organize a year of practical self learning-practice of Threefolding understanding, exchanges of experiences on social Threefolding concepts for supporting members, friends, and all that are interested as an on going involvement towards activities in the future.

  2. Organize workshops and festivities to advance the understanding of social Threefolding.

  3. Organising a network of organisations that want to work towards the advancement of social Threefolding and comprehensive sustainable development.

  4. Getting involved in social questions, finding key positions in order to be available at the right time in the right place for creative propositions as answers to social needs. This by advancing insights out of social Threefolding and comprehensive sustainable development.

  5. Develop possibilities and conditions to the rise of Civil Councils.

  6. Develop conditions for tri sector co-operation between civil organisations - governing responsible local or national institutions, and business organisations.

Organization Structure and Impact
Social Initiative is a loose, non-hierarchical network of practitioners and advocates of social Threefolding.

Mode of Operation
Social Initiative members work through the inspiration of entry points. Through the inspiration of entry points we belief to find a way to listen patiently to what is needed in the other in the here and now, and that insight becomes our entry. The entry points are found in workshops, discussions, lectures or all other social activities and events. After that these entry points are discussed, and raised to the conscious level, as to be more aware and as a base to a better understanding of the needs, and ways to find answers.

Date established
Social Initiative established itself July, 2002.

Contact info:

Margalit Laufer
The Netherlands
T ++31 -30-6916832
M ++ 31- 06-44784864



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