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Impact of Tourism on Bohol Poor Studied.

10 November 2004 | Boni Quirog

Amelie Heuer, a Dutch masteral student from the University of Amsterdam, is now in the province of Bohol for a six-month field research on a comparative study between conventional commercial tourism and alternative community-based tourism modalities and their impact on the poor coastal settlers in Bohol.

Heuer is a student of Prof. Johan Post at the University of Amsterdam. She was also given some assistance by Dr. Michaela Hordijk who is also a professor at the University of Amsterdam and member of the Global Network for Social Threefolding (GlobeNet3) Research Node. Dr. Hordijk has visited the Philippines, particularly the provinces of Iloilo and Bohol, in connection with her own studies on Agenda 21 in relation to social threefolding.

It is worthy to note that Bohol is now touted by local tourist operators as having surpassed Boracay and Palawan in terms of tourist influx. Whether this is a boon or a bane, is interesting enough to consider, and even more significant to ponder vis-à-vis widespread poverty in the countryside.

Heuer’s stint in Bohol is also assisted by Mr. Boni Quirog, Tindog Pilipinas volunteer in Bohol and Secretary of the provincial legislature. Quirog, who is also a member of the GlobeNet3 Research Node, is exploring ways through which Heuer’s study could also crystallize elements of social threefolding in the sustainable tourism practices that could be found in the data expected to be gathered from the aforesaid study.


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